Sparks Fly

August 3, 2007

San Fran based tech PR agency Spark PR have landed in London. Apparently the US-headquartered independent agency has res­ponded to a demand for pan-European PR services from its client base, which includes both tech start-ups and large venture capital companies. Rachel Bremer (Spark’s Senior Director) says;

“there is a need for good PR firms with really solid tech experience in London”

Please choose the most appropriate response:

  1. There are currently no tech PR firms in London
  2. There are lots of tech PR firms in London, but none of them are any good
  3. Rachel Bremer hasn’t done her homework
  4. Rachel Bremer has done her homework, but has a secret weapon
  5. None of the above (please explain…)

7 Responses to “Sparks Fly”

  1. Nosey Bloke Says:

    #2 no doubt, either that or she does have a sercet weapon

  2. She could, of course, simply be referring to the market opportunity identified by a number of other PR companies that target the technology sector.

    For instance, her quote might have started with the words, “Given the number of existing tech PR companies in London and the money they seem to be making…”

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with Nosey Bloke.

  4. Nosey Bloke Says:

    TWL, she could indeed, and you’re a very generous soul…

  5. Spudgun Says:

    TWL, you mean that she meant “there’s an opportunity for yet another…” as opposed to the “there is a need for…” that is credited to her in PR Weak?

  6. The one that got away Says:

    5 – None of the above.
    The PR did it.

  7. daljit Says:

    I hope the quotes she writes for clients aren’t quite as useless…

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