The Anti-Facebook Club

July 23, 2007

Facebook is a dangerous and ugly perversion of everything that’s open and expansive about the internet. It’s closed and introspective nature offers nothing to its users except the self gratification of having amassed more “friends” than their friends have.

This is a trend-reversing, even history-reversing that era we live in. Information is more freely available to more people than ever before, it is a true democratisation. Even if that informatin is flawed or incomplete – it is still available where it previously wasn’t.

So why the need for an invitation only corner of the virtual world? Are the people posting to their Facebook pages just bloggers with greater insecurities than the rest of us? Are they lacking the confidence to openly discuss things with the wider world? In which case, is an email not good enough?

Welcome to the Anti Facebook Club – there will eventually be a poll or sign up thingy in the sidebar, for now – if you want to join, simply post a comment below this post.

Together we can end antisocial networking!

Further Reading can be found in the form of the excellent “The cost of (anti-)social networks: Identity, agency and neo-luddites” by Ryan Bigge


9 Responses to “The Anti-Facebook Club”

  1. ak Says:

    count me in

  2. R O Y Says:

    i am an anti facebook activist

  3. Zamats Says:

    Excellent ‘activist’ party.. I’m in too. For sure.

  4. Viezet Says:

    I’m sooo in. anti facebook all the way

  5. matush8 Says:

    I hate facebookers too

  6. girlyy Says:

    I am in!

    btw have a look at, create your own crib without having to write your real name!

  7. e Says:

    I just met a really sick person who lived her whole life on facebook, and determined who should we date or befriend according to how developped and how many pictures their facebook profile had.

  8. Agli Says:

    I am in!

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