But Have It, though? Have It?

July 23, 2007

Is Katherine Tate’s Lauren Cooper a freelance writer? But is she though?

From today’s slew of response source requests…

Has facebook caused arguments in your relationship or a break up? have it caused rows with friends? Have you experienced cyber bullying? If so, get in touch as I’m writing a report on this subject

and if you need a bit of hi tech kit for your holidays…?

Help! I’m doing a travel piece for the Daily Express and my trusty digital camera just died… is there a sweet, kind, wonderful PR out there who can lend me a camera that will be suitable for publication quality pics for a week?
Oh – and please – unless it’s an offer of a loan camera I REALLY REALLY don’t have time to deal with a bazillion random press releases! Honest – all I need is a camera… thank you!


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