In the Same League…?

June 10, 2007

Watch out! The Friendly Ghost has been compiling stats again! This time a ‘league table’ if you like of the top 70 or so PR bloggers.

It’s an interesting table for lots of reasons, not least the frequent discrepancies between Alexa/Technorati/Bloglines et al, but mostly for the fact that it includes the spud. Yup, the spud is there. True, you have to scroll a long way down to find us, but there we are – right at the bottom with nul points. Not that we mind – this blog had been live for a whole two days at the time of TFG’s post – so despite the lack of points we’re rather flattered to be included in such esteemed company.

Hopefully the next revision of TFG’s figures will see a change at the bottom, in the meantime, must try harder…


One Response to “In the Same League…?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    got one! got a point spud!

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